Using the app

Only Teachers and Admins are allowed to edit content. A suitable candidate for a teacher should have some qualifications e.g. either be a teacher, a highly proficient bilingual speaker or have other personal interest in linguistics.

Please contact us if you wish to be added to a Teacher role.

How it works

All content editing is done through a web browser. Once you're added to a Teacher role, you will be able to see additional edit and create buttons.

There are three main components of the app:

Component Description

Lessons are the heart of the application. Each lesson represents one short learning unit.

Each lesson is linked to one or more words and/or one or more sentences. This linking is essential as words and sentences are used to construct exercises for the lesson. It is possible and in some cases also desired to have lessons which are only linked to words or only linked to sentences. E.g. a lesson may purely focus on building vocabulary first, then a subsequent lesson focuses on teaching the learner how to use newly acquired vocabulary in sentences.

Lessons should be loosely ordered by difficulty from beginner to advanced.

Each lesson also has a description and notes. Short tagline of the lesson description is used on the homepage and is used to describe content and purpose of the lesson at a high level. Lesson notes on the other hand contain more detailed description of the grammatical rules that help the learners grasp the content.

Lessons are created in "unpublished" state. Once you prepare the content to a satisfactory quality level you can publish the new lesson by ticking the "publish" checkbox. Unpublished lessons are not visible to learners, whereas teachers and admins can see all lessons.


Words are typically single-word (e.g. mama) or in some cases short multi-word phrases (e.g. dober dan) with a single translation to avoid ambiguity.

Each word is classified or labelled using established linguistic methods. For example words are classified into nouns, verbs, adjectives etc. Furthermore nouns are classified based on their gender, number and case and so on. An image can also be uploaded for each word. When uploading images, a teacher should be careful not to upload copyrighted images.

Each word exists independently of a lesson and can therefore be re-used in more than one lesson.


Sentences are multi word phrases which can have one or more translations. Each sentence must have at least one valid translation before it can be used with lessons.

Each sentence exists independently of a lesson and can therefore be re-used in more than one lesson.