Masculine Nouns 1

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Learn to recognise and use masculine nouns in nominative and accusative case.

Masculine nouns typically end in consonant or have a NIL ending in nominative case e.g. stol (chair), uspeh (success), užitek (pleasure), virus (virus), zajtrk (breakfast), sladkor (sugar), sladoled (ice cream), planet (planet).

In rare cases, they can end in -o or -e (avto, finale).

All nouns where the natural gender of the subject is obvious e.g. father, brother, uncle etc. are masculine.

The accusative case is used when an object or a person (a noun) is directly receiving the action or is the object of an action.

For example "Jaz vidim avto" (I see a car) - the object "car" is receiving the action of "seeing".

We can help determine the case by using the following questions:

Case Helper Question Example
Nominative Who or what (is here)? Mama je tu. (Mother is here)
Genitive Who or what (is not here)? Mame ni tu. (Mother is not here)
Dative To whom or to what (do we give)? Mami dam darilo. (I give gift to mother.)
Accusative Whom or what (do we see)? Jaz vidim mamo. (I see mother)
Locative Next to whom or what (is)? Pri mami je otrok. (The child is with the mother.)
Instrumental With whom or with what (is)? Z mamo je oče.

Further examples of when accusative is used:


Helper question Example Translation
Whom or what do I see? Vidim očeta. I see father.
What do I eat? Jem zajtrk. I'm eating breakfast.
What do I read? Berem časopis. I'm reading a newspaper.
What do I have? Imam brata. I have a brother.


Most masculine nouns are declensed by using 1st masculine noun declension paradigm. A specific rule for masculine nouns which use 1st paradigm is also that there are different endings for persons and animals versus inanimate objects.

Here are some examples:

Persons and animals

Nominative Accusative Translation
oče- očeta father
brat- brata brother
stric- strica uncle
gospod- gospoda gentleman
prijatelj- prijatelja friend
nasprotnik- nasprotnika opponent

Inanimate objects

Nominative Accusative Translation
korak- korak- step
stol- stol- chair
trebuh- trebuh- tummy/belly
aparat- aparat- device
hotel- hotel- hotel