Adjectives of quality 1

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Learn adjectives of quality to describe opinion/view about something

All the words are in masculine form. We form feminine with a suffix -a (lep --> lepa ženska) and neuter by adding a suffix -o (velik --> veliko drevo).


If the masculine form contains 'e' in the ending, this 'e' disappear when making feminine or neuter version:

počasen (slow, masculine) --> počasna (slow, feminine) --> počasno (slow, neuter)


Adjective ending normally matches with the ending of the following noun: 

prijazen moški (masculine, -0 ending)

lepa ženska (feminine, -a)

hitro letalo (neuter, -o);

!!!! If neuter noun ends in -e: dekle (girl), in this case the ending does not match: mlado dekle (young girl)!!!!!


!!!! POCENI stays the same in all genders and cases !!!!