The verb "to have"

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Learn to conjugate verb "to have" (imam).

Verbs in Slovenian are conjugated. This is a beginners lesson in conjugating the verb "to have".

Conjugation of verbs in Slovenian is quite a bit more complex compared to English. The gender doesn't affect conjugation - still we list examples with all personal pronouns here.

  First person Second person Third person

Jaz imam

(I have)

Ti imaš

(You have)

On ima (He has)

Ona ima (She has)

Ono ima (It has)


Midva imava

(Two of us have)

Vidva imata (Two of you men have)

Vidve imata (Two of you women have)

Onadva imata (Two of them men have)

Onidve imata (Two of them women have)

Onodvoje imata (Two of them/it have)


Mi imamo (We have)

Me imamo (We have)/for all feminine groups

Vi imate (You have)

Ve imate (You women have)

Oni imajo (They have)

One imajo (They have - for feminine groups)