Pronouns 2

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Learn to use pronouns in sentences: jaz sem, ti si, on/ona/ono je, vidva sta, onadva/onidve sta, mi smo, vi ste,...

Use pronouns in sentences with verb "to be". Exercises are designed to include sentences with all female, all male and mixed pairs (dual) and groups to teach correct use of pronouns in these situations.

Remember: only all female pairs or groups use distinct feminine pronouns, whereas mixed or all male pairs and groups use masculine pronouns.

We recommend you first complete basic Pronouns lesson to learn the pronouns on their own.

Number \ Person First Second Third
Singular Jaz sem (I am) Ti si (you are) On je (he is)
Ona je (she is)
Ono je (it is)
Dual Midva sva (We are - masculine)
Midve sva (We are - feminine)
Vidva sta (You are)
Vidve sta (You are - two females)
Onadva sta (They are)
Onidve sta (They are - two females)
Plural Mi smo (We are)
Me smo (We are - all female groups)
Vi ste (You are - mixed and all male groups)
Ve ste (You are - all feminine groups)
Oni so (They are)
One so (They are - all feminine groups)