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Learn words for months of the year

Words for months are always written in all lowercase. They are nouns and all happen to be masculine.

Words for months in this lesson are all presented in nominative case to build your vocabulary. Use of words for months will be examined in following lessons because months are nouns and therefore need to be declined.

Use examples (all in nominative case):

  • Trenutno je januar. (At the moment it's January).
  • April je deževen mesec. (April is a rainy month.)
  • Junij, julij in avgust so poletni meseci. (June, July and August are summer months.)

Use examples when saying something happens on/during a certain month:

  • Moj rojstni dan je januarja. (My birthday is in January.)
  • Na počitnice gremo julija. (We're going on holidays in July.)
  • Predavanja se začnejo oktobra. (Lectures start in October.)


januar januarja (in January)
februar februarja
marec marca
april aprila
maj maja
junij junija
julij julija
avgust avgusta
september septembra
oktober oktobra
november novembra
december decembra