Verbs: Present 5

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Verbs with an -m ending in the present tense (ugasnem/turn off, vstanem/get up, odidem/leave)

Verbs in Slovenian are conjugated based on their ending in present tense. This lesson introduces verbs which end with -m.

Ugasnem = (I) turn off

Vstanem = (I) get up

Odidem = (I) leave

  Singular Dual Plural
First Jaz ugasnem

Midva ugasneva

Midve ugasneva

Mi ugasnemo
Second Ti ugasneš

Vidva ugasneta

Vidve ugasneta

Vi ugasnete

On ugasne

Ona ugasne

Ono ugasne

Onadva ugasneta

Onidve ugasneta

Oni/one ugasnejo