The verb "to be"

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Learn to conjugate the verb "to be": jaz sem, ti si, on/ona/ono je, midva sva, vidva/vidve sta, onadva/onidve sta, mi smo, vi ste, oni/one so

Verbs in Slovenian are conjugated. This is a beginners lesson in conjugating the verb "to be".


SINGULAR Jaz sem (I am) Ti si (You are)

On je (He is)

Ona je (She is)

Ono je (It is)


Midva sva (Two of us are - masculine or neutral)

Midve sva (Two of us are - feminine)

Vidva sta (Two of you are - masculine)

Vidve sta (Two of you are - feminine

Onadva sta (Two of them are - masculine)

Onidve sta (Two of them are - feminine)


Mi smo (We are - masculine or neutral)

Me smo (We are - feminine)

Vi ste (Two of you are - masculine or neutral)

Ve ste (Two of you are - feminine)

Oni so (They are - masculine or neutral)

One so (They are - feminine)