Days of the week

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Learn words for days of the week: ponedeljek, torek, sreda, cetrtek, petek, sobota, nedelja.

Days od the week are nouns and have a gender like all other nouns. Word ending in -a are feminine, and words ending in consonant are masculine. Days of the week are always spelled in all lowercase.
If you're mentioning a day, you should use nominative case, whereas if you're mentioning when something happens on a certain day, you should use accusative with a "v" preposition. When events repeat weekly on a certain day, you need to use plural and "ob" preposition.
Pondeljek je začetek tedna. (Monday is the beginning of the week.)
V ponedeljek se začne šola. (School starts on Monday.) You could also say "Šola se začne v ponedeljek."

Monday ponedeljek (Monday) v ponedeljek (on Monday) ob ponedeljkih (on Mondays)
Tuesday torek v torek ob torkih
Wednesday sreda v sredo ob sredah
Thursday četrtek v četrtek ob četrtkih
Friday petek v petek ob petkih
Saturday sobota v soboto ob sobotah
Sunday nedelja v nedeljo ob nedeljah